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    The bathymetry data for Hansbukta includes depth measurements from different sources: data collected in 2014, 2016 and 2017 from a small boat using a Norbit Wideband Multibeam Sonar with positioning system, measurements collected in 2015 from a small boat using single beam echosounder Lowrance HDS5 with positioning and data from the Norwegian Hydrographic Service collected using a multi-beam survey in 2007–2008. Accuracy of the bathymetry from these different sources is assessed as ±5 m. The database is the supplement to the paper: Małgorzata Błaszczyk, Jacek A. Jania, Michał Ciepły, Mariusz Grabiec, Dariusz Ignatiuk, Leszek Kolondra, Aleksandra Kruss, Bartłomiej Luks, Mateusz Moskalik, Tadeusz Pastusiak, Agnieszka Strzelewicz, Waldemar Walczowski, Tomasz Wawrzyniak. “Factors controlling terminus position of Hansbreen, a tidewater glacier in Svalbard”, Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface,