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    The dataset contains processed GPR profiles taken on the southern slope of Fugleberget and the western part of the Hansbreen lateral moraine (S Spitsbergen). The profiles were made on April 26, 2014 (Profile 2 and Profile 3) and May 15, 2014 (Profile 1, Profile 4 and Profile 5) using Malå GeoScience CUII impulse radar system with an RTA-type antenna and a center frequency of 30 MHz. In April, the GPR set was pulled behind a snowmobile at a constant speed not exceeding 20 km/h, while in May the set was pulled by an operator moving on skis. A time trigger with an interval of 0.2s was used, which resulted in the distances between the traces ranging between 0.9 m (April) and 0.1 m (May). Profiles differ in terms of the time window (between 766 and 1317 ns). The presented GPR profiles have been processed using the following filters: DC removal, time zero adjustment, mean trace subtraction, bandpass filtering. The profiles were not subjected to topographic correction.